Monday, July 5, 2010

Nathan's 3yr Old Pictures

I finally took Nathan to get his 3 year old pictures done.
I know his birthday was 5 months ago.
I'm already hanging my head in shame,
I don't need any help feeling bad about this. 

Let me tell you how it went down.
I scheduled an appt at Target for Mon at 10am. It was a work holiday, nothing planned, it worked out great.
Nathan and I got cleaned up and ready, then we jump in the car.  The car battery is dead.
Greg jumpstarts the car.
I  rush to Target.
Nathan and I run inside.  I don't see where the portrait studio is for this Target?
We are at the wrong Target.
Customer Service.  What is the number for the closest Target with a portrait studio?
Ah, yes, my 10 appt is at the Target off of Warner & Val Vista.
"Hi, my name is Julia 'Moron' Hull and I'm at Target on Ray & Power, can you still take us?"
We speed to Val Vista, turn East and drive...and drive...and drive...something doesn't seem right.
Dangit! I went the wrong way!
U-turn, now I'm flying North down Val Vista eyes searching for Target.
There it is!  Zip through the parking lot, slam into park and dash inside with Nathan.
"Hi we are here can you still work us in?"  We only have 15 mins before the next appt.
"We'll take it!"
And here you go, Nathan's rushed 3 year old Target pictures, 5 months late.
Welcome to my life people! :O) 

And this year, the picture of the two of us, turned out great, Nathan's not crying at all! :o)