Monday, March 7, 2016

DoTK = Daughter of The King

The picture above is from the very first event I set up a booth at for DoTK.  My friend, Randi, volunteered to help me out that day and can I just say THANIK GOD for good friends?! There was no way I would have ever been able to put up that white canopy by myself. Ever.

When the Daughter of The King concept first came to me, it began as a single design with a crown and the letters DoTK.  I wanted it to be a subtle design that would invite the question 'What does DoTK stand for?'  Speaking truth can be so powerful and when we answer, 'It means Daughter of The King." we are claiming This is who I Am. There is so much that opposes the truth of who we are in Christ and God is not honored when we identify ourselves as anything less than His. 

For much to long, I identified with being unworthy, inadequate, unlovable. In fact, I repeated the phrase 'I'm a miserable failure.' so much that my fed up husband totally lost his cool one day and told me I was no longer allowed to even speak those words anymore.  I was completely taken aback at his outburst because I was totally unaware that I said it that much.

God is glorified when we speak about who we are in Him and when we announce "I Am a Daughter of the King." we are claiming our identity in Christ.  What could be more powerful than that? So this little logo was created as a means to encourage girls and women to begin seeing themselves as God does. That is the sole purpose behind DoTK.

Something I love is that one of my very first customers was this precious girl pictured below. I love that this girl was totally at ease in her own skin and completely confident with her quirky style.  She was totally rocking the DoTK spirit and I just loved it.