Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We take Cash!

We sold the Honda Pilot to a lovely couple from Prescott.  They drove in this afternoon, checked out the car and bought it. It was a close call though. The couple actually looked at someone else's Pilot and offered to buy it but, get this...the sellers didn't want to take Cash.  Uh. Ok.

I will grant you this.  In our day and age, who pays Cash for anything right?  I once used my debit card to buy .88 cents worth of stamps. I never have Cash, but I certainly don't have anything against Cash!  I love Cash -  I wish I had more of it!  hahaha!

Needless to say, when it was time to sell the car...WE TAKE CASH! And the car is now sold.

I have to say though that I have immense respect for this couple who bought our car in full with Cash.  It's admirable.  I wish I were more self disciplined to live like that - except that I'm not.

By the way, the Cash has since been deposited in the bank, just in case you were thinking of breaking in tonight.  :o)