Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brene Brown's Parenting Manifesto

Though this week has measured up as one of the busiest weeks ever (when is it not, right?), I've been totally inspired in the midst of the chaos. In some ways, all the inspiration has fueled my tank to move on to the next task, check off the next item on the to-do list and despite how physically tired I feel, I keep moving forward.

One of the life-charging (not a typo, I got all charged up!) inspirations I came across is a free download from Dr. Brene Brown's website. "The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto".

I LOVE this so much, I printed out a few copies. At first, I taped this to the hall wall where I would see it daily.  I thought about that and asked how likely would it be that I would stand in the hall reading it?  So I framed it and placed it on my desk, thinking I'll definitely read this every day where it's in my line of sight.

Then BAM! Inspiration hit like a lightening flash.  I wanted to read this out-loud to Nathan, every day.  I want to speak these words in the form of a promise. Promises about my commitment in parenting.  The irony in this is that it's less about what Nathan thinks, he's only 6- he's not really gonna 'get it'. But later, after I've spoken these words over him a million times....he will.  For now, it's about me, my intentions and the power of my speaking them out loud and after having done that, remaining steadfast in them.  Is it self-accountability?  I don't really know, I just thought it was a good idea!

Mindful of my audience, I divided up the 12 intentions and added them to a little jar that I quickly sticker-ed as the "Promise Jar".  I explained to him, that each day he gets to pick a promise for me to read out loud to him.  He seemed to like the idea and we put it into practice right then.  He picked one and I verbally made my promise to him.

"I promise the greatest gift I can give you is to live and love with my whole heart and to dare greatly."
Then he asked me what that meant and we talked about it. A good moment.  In a crazy busy week.

The Promise Jar is now waiting on his nightstand, amidst all his boyish treasures, waiting for tomorrow's selection. :-)

Good stuff for my soul. In a crazy busy week. :-)
How I found time to post to my blog, God only knows.
Truth be known, ain't nobody got time for that!