Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Naomi and Darrel's Wedding

Naomi and Darrel's wedding...
  1. My first time to be in a bridal party.  It's true, I've never been a bridesmaid, much less the matron of honor, in anyone's wedding.
  2. Because of #1, I knew I would be limited in taking pictures and it was killing me.  So imagine a bridesmaid carrying a black camera bag around and that was me, sneaking in pictures when and where I could.

Not only was I sneaking pictures in but I was also directing the bride for specific poses - I spotted this bench with this beautiful natural lighting, so I asked Naomi to sit on the bench for some quick shots.

Greg was able to snap a couple ceremony shots, although he was dealing with Nathan who was not feeling well, so it was challenging.  But he got the most important shots, Darell's expression as Naomi walked towards him.

After the ceremony, the bridal party was called for pictures and at this point I became the 'Bridesmaid/Photographer'. I just couldn't help myself.  These were some of my favorite shots...

This next picture is one of my most favorite pictures of my sister.  Naomi, looks so sweet and vulnerable here, something very rare. :o)

Another favorite. Naomi was actually acting silly in this shot but I love how it turned out!

Occasionally, I would remember to get in the pictures and fortunately, my brother was comfortable taking over with my camera.

Pictures from the reception...

So I noticed during the cake cutting that Darrel, tenderly fed Naomi a small bite of cake, ever so gently.  So sweet.

Then it was Naomi's turn, who in turn, shoves a massive bite of cake into Darrel's mouth, smearing cake into his face.

And then she shrugged it off!  Hmm...I wonder who the agressor is in this relationship?

With my new brother-in-law, Darrel.

This last picture is of Jason Samuels, Owner of Caribbean Travel Buddy.  Jason was not only the wedding coordinator, he was also our tour guide, he was also our driver, he was also our attraction photographer (all those photos at the waterfalls were taken by Jason, while he climbed the waterfalls with us!) and somewhere along the way, he also became our friend. 

If you ever need to organize a trip, an event or special occasion, either in the Caribbean or in the Virginia/Maryland/DC area, contact Jason at caribbeantravelbuddy@gmail.com and he'll take care of all the details.  He specializes in destination weddngs, party planning and off the beaten path vacations.  He has a passion for what he does that is totally evident and completely contagious but most importantly, he's GOOD at what he does.

We had a fantastic time in the beautiful country of Jamaica and we are happy to have added a new family member to our motley crew.   Here's to you Darrel and Naomi, best wishes for your future together!