Saturday, April 19, 2014

Book Challenge Accepted.

While trolling Pinterest back in December, I vaguely recall some hype that blogger, Jon Acuff  created when he issued The Empty Shelf challenge.  Essentially, you empty a bookshelf in your home and fill it with every book you read from now until December 31st. It was a neat idea but I was to busy (uh, trolling Pinterest) to give it a second thought. 

Then recently, it occurred to me that I've finished at least 7 books since reading about that challenge...humpf! So I cleared out some books and emptied a shelf. 

Then I added the books I've already read this year.  I had to return two of the books to the library but I'll keep that in mind for future reads.  Now I'm looking forward to filling my empty shelf. What a fun little challenge and completely unintentional!  :)