Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Best Day. Ever.

We just returned from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where Greg was in a friends wedding.  The wedding was so special in its own right, it's impossible to describe the depth of heartfelt sentiment that was shared by all who attended.

In conjunction with such a special event, I just happened to experience the Best Day. Ever. Of my life. (so far). I unashamedly admit this day surpassed the day I married my husband and the day I gave birth to my son, both of whom I equally love with all my heart.  The heart of the matter though is that the events of this day connected to my soul and spirit in a way I rarely get to enjoy. Simply because...I'm a responsible adult. A wife.  A mom. An employee. A homemaker, etc.  I am not to often the Adventurist but the Adventurists heart always, always beats beneath my surface, which Greg knows all to well. hahaha! The only redeeming point I can make is that I shared this experience with Greg, my Best Friend of all time. : )

Without further ado, here is a video I made of  My Best Day. Ever.:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pictures, Videos & Audio = Together FINALLY!

I could not be more EXCITED or HAPPY! Over the moon-Squeal like a kid-Pee my pants EXCITED. I'm not even kidding.

I have finally found a way to pull my pictures, videos and even music all together in one unified approach to scrapbooking. This has been a goal of mine for at least 15 years and finally, the technology has arrived to make it all possible. Here is how it works.

In this example, I have designed a layout of two, 12 x 12, facing pages. The subject matter; my favorite pictures of Nathan playing Fall T-ball.

 Left Page:

 Right Page:

As you can see in my right page, I have a QRC (Quick Response Code) image included in my page.  Later, when I am looking back at my 2012 scrapbook, I can use a QRC reader to play the accompanying video included in my page.  Watch below to see how it works:

Revolutionary, right?  I know.  It's so exciting to be able to incorporate pictures, videos and even music all together for scrapbooking purposes. YAYYYYY!!!

If your interested in watching the Tball video in it's entirety, here ya go. :-)

By the way, the background music to my video was not random by any means.  It's the Forest Gump theme which we played at our wedding.  So even that detail in this page will bring back good memories. :-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Every Day Life

I am mildly obsessed about documenting life.  I am adamant about capturing and recording the details of life.  Real life.  Not just the vacations, not just the grand moments but the good, bad and ordinary.  Because that's what real life is about. Good moments.  Bad moments.  And every ordinary moment in between.

That being said, back in January, I made a series of videos to capture just a regular day in my life.  I just finished working on this video because I want to incorporate into our 2012 family scrapbook by means of a Quick Response video Code (more on this at another time).

So I'm just sharing the video, that's all. :-)