Saturday, January 26, 2008

I had to share a few pics I took today. I haven't received the how-to-photography book that I ordered yet but as you can see the Nikon takes great pictures even without any training on my part. These pictures of Nathan at play were taken in 'natural-light', in other words, no flash was used. I am ecstatic to finally have this ability!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Greg found a super duper eBay deal on a new camera that he couldn't pass up. So I got a new camera a little early for my birthday! I haven't had much time to learn all the tricks to it but here's an example of a good quality picture taken with my new Nikon (in comparison to my Canon).

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nathan Shops & Sleeps

Nathan can now ride in shopping carts at the store and one day I couldn't resist 'setting up' a shot with Nathan and the groceries while we waited to check out.

Before Greg and I go to bed, one of us will check on Nathan. This particular evening, I had to grab the camera. Nathan was hard asleep with one leg thrown in the air resting against the bumper pad. To cute!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Daycare is staying open!

We got good news today. Jennifer has decided to keep her daycare open! Giving God Props!


This is a little long but you get an earful of jibber-jabber closer to the end.

Nathan's musical abilities flourishing before our eyes!

Here's a movie of Nathan feeding himself Cheerios. It's fun watching his coordination develop.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Nathan's Daycare Closing

I am still reeling from BAD news I received this week. Nathan's daycare is closing. I now have to find a new daycare for Nathan. I cried alot over this the day I got the news.

I told Lynn, my best friend in Arizona, she said, "Pulling Nathan from daycare was on your Con's list on whether to move back to Arizona. You can mark that off the list now." She's right. Marked off the list.

In the same week I had another friend write me the following...
"...I am GONNA give you a hard time about putting your beautiful son in day care. As hard as it is for you to drop him off and leave it is even harder for him to stay all day. I equate day care with child work camps. I say this much experience, too much experience. HIred help is not God's plan, in my intrusive opinion. As if you have ever known of me to be intrusive and opinionated. Since I am on a roll let me add that I think day care is the destruction of society and all of mankind for that matter..."
I guess I'm looking for another in home daycare, which has it's own handful of concerns that occupy my mind the life of a mother, I guess. So here is yet another opportunity for me to really, really trust God, not just give lip-service about trusting God. I realized this week in 2 different conversations that I'm exceptionally good at the "God will provide lip-service' when I'm talking to others about their lives. I know intellectually that God is faithful but when it comes to truly believing in that for my life...I struggle... I hope that changes.

New Years Day 2008

This picture was taken on New Year's Day during the Brunch we hosted.

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