Wednesday, July 21, 2010

San Tan Mountains

While I was driving home from the grocery store yesterday, the mundane became majestic.  
So often I drive right by this small mountain range without giving it a thought.
To often, I'm to busy - to preoccupied and I neglect to notice things around me that are worthy of a second, lingering glance.
At the taking of this picture, I took a moment to appreciate what lie straight ahead of me.
It may not be as grand as other mountains but if I stop comparing it, I will find it easier to appreciate and
I will find that it is still great in it's own right. 
And yes, I am definitely speaking metaphorically.  :)
(Although I just took this picture yesterday, I gave the picture an aged  look with a vintage frame and overlay in Photoshop)


  1. LOVE the photoshop treatment - that looks really cool ~ I have SO much to learn in PS!!

  2. If only we lived by each other, I could show you PS and you could teach me some photography skills! :o)

  3. cute vintage look. I didnt recognize the mountain range for a minute and had to figure out where you were taking it. I was afraid you had moved or something :) glad you are still here.. I miss you.. lets get together soon!

    that was my lincoln at the gas station :) ha ha

  4. Cori - I had no idea that was your Lincoln -hahaha! I agree, it's been way to long, we need to hang out!!