Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Guest Book.

When Greg and I married, we received a gift from a woman named, Wilma Glass.
I barely knew Mrs. Glass but I think Greg knew her for years, maybe all his life.  Mrs. Glass was a member of Highland Baptist Church, where Greg's family attended church for nearly 30+ years.  Mrs. Glass was probably somewhere in her 70's when I met her and what I remember most about her is a note that she wrote to us.  Mrs. Glass gave us a Guest Book for our Home and the note reads:
I have this "thing" that I believe a guest book in your home is a real pleasure.  I like to look back and see who came to see me through the years.
Now with this wide gap in our ages you may feel entirely different.
I wish you love and happiness and just wee problems to make you appreciate the good things that will come your way. 
God Bless,
Wilma Glass"

I still recall the moment I read this note..that single sentence in the middle of the note made me sad.  Mrs. Glass didn't know that I was as nostalgic and sentimental as a person can be! So despite her doubts that someone of my age would appreciate this bygone tradition, I vowed we would fill The Guest Book and make it a priority in our home.

In every home we have lived, The Guest Book has been out for all our friends and family to sign.  In our current home, it has taken a bit longer than usual to get settled and all things put in their place but as I reworked a bookshelf the other day, I picked up The Guest Book.  I read through the pages and wonderful memories came flooding back...which house or state we lived in...the people who visited us...favorite entries that still make me laugh...favorite people that I rarely see anymore...some people that I don't even remember, haha! The Guest Book that Mrs. Glass gave us has been filled and I'm so thankful for such a thoughtful gift given to us 15 years ago.

Now, the beautiful irony.  About 10 years ago, my friend Robin happened across a Mary Engelbreit Guest Book.  Robin being very familiar with signing The Guest Book at our house understood that one day we would need a replacement, so she gave us our next Guest Book. Here's what I love; Robin, who is my age, gave us our next Guest Book, to keep this practice going. Mrs. Glass, you would have been pleased to know that though there is a very wide gap between our generations, some of us still respect and love the old customs! : )

Since our last move, I haven't been as diligent in reminding folks to sign our Guest Book but after revisiting some great memories that I may have otherwise forgotten, it's time to get back on that train.  So when you come by, please don't forget to make a note of the time we spent together!

 The Guest Book awaits your entry.

Thank you Wilma Glass and Robin Snyder for giving such a priceless gift oh so many years ago!!