Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 2010...

As promised, pictures and videos from June 2010...

Tuesday, June 1st - Grandma sends new pajamas from Texas.

Wednesday, June 2nd - Time for a haircut.

Friday, June 11th - Enjoyed a brief visit with the Horvaths as they drove through AZ from TX.

Saturday, June 12th - Smooth shenanigans at Power Ranch pool.

Ever see a 'bad' picture that makes you laugh?  This one of Sara and Nathan riding the train at Freestone, cracks me up.

A video of Nathan and Sara feeding the ducks.

This is at the Men's softball game; Jacey, Randi and I are basically the 'Player's Wives Club'.

A GUY on one of Greg's softball teams confirmed something I've been saying about Greg for years.  As Greg stepped up to bat, one of his team mates said "He's got a sexy swing." hahaha!!  It's so true! Greg is so awesome, I totally love him.  Watch his sexy swing on video. :o)

Sunday, June 13th - Liberty Market lunch.  Fabulous food and totally cool bathrooms - seriously!

Unisex bathrooms...each individual bathroom is decorated in a different theme, you just have to see it in person to get the cool factor.

Liberty Market lunch 2 weeks in a row with the Norton-Staffeldt-Strother crew!

Friday, June 18th - Video of Nathan at the Phoenix airport, on our way to Jamaica.

Saturday, June 19th - Naomi, Erin and I in the van...before the wheels fell off the bus, figuratively speaking.

Sunday, June 20th -  Happy Father's Day daddy!

Monday, June 21st - Nathan sitting in the van with no carseat cause that's how you roll in Jamaica.

Nathan gets to meet the pilot on our flight out.

Friday, June 25th - Lowe's.  Nathan takes a picture of me by this huge cowboy boot.  In turn, I do the same.

Tuesday, June 29th - Nathan visits the Dr. for a sinus/ear infection and gets a breathing treatment to clear up a nasty cough.

Wednesday, June 30th - When you work until 1am, this is just bound to happen the next day.

I'm totally on a roll...July stuff coming up, stay tuned!