Monday, June 30, 2008


The title of this post is actually a movie line from "Tombstone". A couple made an offer on our house this weekend and they are wanting to close around July 18th which is only 3 weeks away. Admittedly, I'm frazzled and a little on the emotional side. I know that moving back to Arizona is the 'right' thing to do for Greg, Nathan and I but it's not necessarily the 'easiest' thing to do. Our time is limited in TX but we'll do our best to make a round of goodbyes or at least have one last get together.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Little Drummer Boy

So I have three different videos of Nathan playing drums, while it may seem excessive, there something different in each one that I want to point out.

Greg was playing upstairs and naturally, Nathan is always curious when he hears the sounds of raw live music coming from up above. He's been upstairs only a few times, so I hauled his 22 pounds up the stairs and much to his delight, he was now in the presence of his Guitar Hero who was playing Bass. Then, without any hesitation, Nathan picked up a 'pair of sticks' and before we knew it was a live jam session!

In this video Nathan is working on a new technique...3 sticks instead of 2.

In the next video, Greg plays the snare and Nathan 'feels' the rhythm, look for the 'dancing' feet.

At the end of this video, Nathan wraps up the jam session by expertly transferring his sticks to one hand and walking off. Too cute!

Weekend Pictures

Just some extra pictures from our weekend...

I don't know what it is about our Great Grandaddy Tom but babies just love him and Nathan is no exception! Here is Nathan and Grandaddy sharing a secret giggle.Nathan also loves his Grandpa David, here is Grandpa spooning out ice cream.
Here is Greg, Nathan, and Grandpa Jack Todd.
This background was such a nice setting for pictures, too bad we weren't looking at the camera!
Am I shrinking? Greg looks like he's 6'5" in this picture!
And I leave you with this nice little action's a baby meltdown, a mom trying to control the baby and Grandpa trying to feed the baby ice cream.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Todd Triplets Turn One!

Greg's cousin, Ryan, and his wife, Teryn, have Triplets who turn 1, June 23rd! Have you ever wondered what life would be like with 3 infants at once? Teryn emailed me this when the boys were only 10 mos old, imagine:
  • 15 Loads of Laundry a Week
  • 10 Dishwasher Runs a Week
  • 3 Cases of Diapers a Month
  • 1 Case of Baby Wipes a Month
  • 25 Jars of Baby Food a Week
Fortunately the lucky parents have survived the year! Congratulations Ryan and Teryn...and Happy Birthday Jake, Tyson & Zach!

Pictures from the birthday party this weekend. You only turn 1 once, so you should get a t-shirt to mark the event!
The Todd Family: Ryan, Teryn, Taylor, Jake, Tyson & Zach.
Waiting on the takes alot of time to organize events like this and then to multiply it by 3!Happy Birthday Boys! We are all looking forward to watching each of you grow up!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tiny Dancer

So I finally got a video of Nathan's dance moves at the end of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The only disclaimer is that Nathan was actually under the weather when I made these videos so they are not 100% indicative of his dance, he normally alternates holding one arm up over his head. This is still ridiculously cute though....see for yourself!

This video is shot closer in...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Greg.

This picture sums it all up...Nathan loves his Daddy...Happy Father's Day.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Surprise! Happy 60th Birthday!

We had the honor of hosting a Surprise 60th Birthday Party for one of Greg's Uncles on Sunday. And while there is a lot of before and after work that goes into hosting a party for 35 plus...I gotta say there are several things that I love about it....

1. I love looking back at the pictures! This was our surprise set-up shot of what Jimmy would see when he walked in the door. You can click on any of these pictures to enlarge them.

2. I love making someone is our guest of honor walking in the door...Uncle Jimmy. Does this man look 60 to you? I need to find out his secret....about looking young...well I'd like to find out his other secret to, which is WHAT DOES HE DO? I've been trying to figure this out for over 10 years now. I met someone yesterday who 'worked with him for 30 years', I was so excited, sure that I was going to solve the mystery and all he said was that "Jim fixed problems and was a troubleshooter. " WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? 3. I love that we always EAT! I made Carne Asada for the first time and it actually turned out pretty good. However, I have to give credit to the men who made it happen. Ryan, Alyssa's beau, grilled that meat like he invented grilling, it was perfectly done. Then Larry, cut that meat like he was a professional butcher...we should have him over for Thanksgiving (wink, wink). With big events like this though, it was so awesome to have the extra help. Here's a picture of one of the tables we set up for our mexican banquet:

4. I love Dessert time! Even though we had this banquet of food, I never got around to eating...until it was time to cut the cake and dish out the ice cream! By the way, is this not the cutest cake ever? This is a shout out to Millie & Willie of Take the Cakes in Plano, GREAT Job!

Chocolate ice cream....YUMMM.....5. I love that families have a chance to get together. Understandably, we all live our separate lives but when we make reasons to get together, it's a wonderful chance to just spend time with those that we love. A few family pictures....

Here's Uncle Jimmy with his awesome kids, Alyssa & Austin.

Here's Aunt Belva with her crew of kids and grandkids...
Here's the Todd Triplets, that's right, Triplets! Mom (Teryn) is the pretty lady holding the middle baby.
6. The last thing I love is the laughs. If you know me, it's my favorite thing to do, which is why I love Greg's cousin, Chris, he always makes me laugh. Here he is promoting the book, Decker, he begins the book tour next month. (This is a joke...please don't come after us.)
More sophisticated and classy gift for Uncle Jimmy. Pimping horseshoe sunglasses! Don't these glasses just scream "Vegas Slot Machines, here I come!"
Even funnier though is my Father-In-Law wearing the Pimping sunglasses!
It was a great time...and thanks Mom for staying after and helping me clean the kitchen. Your the best!

If you would like to see all the pictures from our fun day just log onto: 2HullsinTX

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rightie? Leftie?

We no longer need to wonder if Nathan will be right or left handed. As can be seen here, he's pounding the bananas with both hands!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday Morning Service

Our church had a single service outside this Sunday, normally we have 2 back to back services, inside obviously. I have to say I think it's the first time I attended church outside and it was pretty neat, especially to see everyone together in one service. This is what it looked like, the band is in the back of the picture under the awning on the church building. By the way, you can click on any of these pictures to enlarge and see the details!
Of course, Nathan, my mom and I were sitting under the tent.
There were also baptisms afterwards, here's a picture.Then there was BBQ and different age appropriate activities afterwards. A volleyball tournament was organized, teams were established, and they literally played a bracket that lasted from 12:30-6:00. It's worth noting that at the end of the day, Greg's team, "Kevlar" won the tournament. You can only see Greg's hand & arm in this picture but here he is making a block against our Pastor in the red t-shirt.
Just a couple more pics of Greg making a play for his team
Here's the funny part. You had to know there was a funny part! On June 17th this year, my mom will be turning 57...but you wouldn't know it, especially if you are with her in this type of environment, she has a very child-like spirit. For example in this next picture:
My mom really wanted to ride the mechanical bull but she only saw kids waiting in line so she was embarrassed. But if she had seen other adults in line she would have been on that bull! Then, she thought the obstacle bounce house looked fun but again, only kids in line. And on and on it went.
But she did get her picture with the Fireman and the Firetruck!
It was a fun time!