Monday, February 28, 2011

El Guapo

I'm working on a project that has me looking back at alot of old pictures and I ran across this picture that made me giggle. Take a look at El Guapo...

circa 2003

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mighty Machines Birthday Party

 We celebrated Nathan's 4th birthday a few weeks ago and our theme was taken from a Canadian show, Might Machines, which Nathan loves more than any other show right now. Since Mighty Machines isn't a common boy's birthday theme, I had to think creatively.

Stuck to a color theme tied to the Mighty Machines logo; blue, yellow, black.  Made pinwheels, a birthday banner and custom gift bags for our birthday guests.

The custom gift bags highlighted the backyard activities.

Each station in the backyard was related to a different Mighty Machines show.

"In the Harbor" - Make your own Soap Sailboat craft.  Case did a great job making his!

"At the Garbage Dump" - Kids used and kept 'garbage grabbers' to pick up trash. A big hit!

'At the Construction Site' - Kids used wrapped boxes to build towers.
I ordered yellow construction hats for the kids to wear and take home for this activity but
they didn't arrive in time (dang snowstorms!).

'At the Fire Station' - Stick the hat on the firehouse dog. 

'At the Train Yard' - Kids were able to ride the train. (repurposed from last years party, haha!)

Kept the cake simple, a number '4' and used cookie cutters/fondant for the Mighty Machines decorations.
(The only pic we have of Nathan and the cake, lol)

Nathan was so cute opening gifts!

Parting favors were machine shaped cookies (firetrucks, planes & cars) that I made,
yet failed to take pictures of when they were all done!  DOH!

As the kids left, I meant to give them our party balloons.
Forgot to do that to, so we released them in the backyard and herein lies
my favorite picture of Nathan for the day.
I asked Greg and Josh to release balloons with Nathan and herein lies a
beautiful picture of Greg's sarcasm in it's finest form.

That was Nathan's birthday! 

Video of cake and singing Happy Birthday:

Video of opening presents: