Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let's take a Poll!

Last weekend, I took pictures of our friends Lance, Amber & their little girl Maysen. (Amber watches Nathan for a reference point.) We went to a very scenic spot called Pecan Groves in Queen Creek and surprisingly, the pictures turned out pretty good. Here are a couple of the shots:

The pictures turned out so well that Amber showed them to a friend who then asked if I would like a job, taking pictures of her family! WHAT? WHO ME? I'm no professional photographer! I can barely grasp what aperture and shutter speed means, how could I be responsible for taking someone's Christmas portraits?

So I thought I would take a poll, do you think I should just wing it and take the pictures? Or do you think I should politely decline and explain I'm not a professional. Vote here and let me know what you think!