Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ten Days in Texas - Part One

We just returned from our Texas trip! Here are the highlights...

Welcome to Texas!
This sign hangs on the fence of my father-in-laws neighbor. Funny thing is this house isn't the only one that has it!

Wednesday, 12/17
When we arrived in Dallas, Nathan and I dropped Greg off at his office, then we headed over to Grandma Sun's house where Nathan discovered that Grandma has some very cool grown up toys to play with!

A while ago, a coworker showed me a hysterical YouTube video of Ellen in a Hawaii Chair (click the link here if you would like to see it). I told her it wasn't the first time I've see this chair, my mom has one. She did not believe me, so here's the proof, this video is of Nathan in the Hula Chair...

Friday, 12/19
On Friday it warmed up enough for us to go to the park with Grandpa David & Grandma Jacque.

Saturday, 12/20
It was supposed to be another pretty day so we went to the park with Grandma Sun. The weather was not nearly as nice as the day before, typical Texas weather, and Nathan fell, busting his mouth, so our play time was cut short!

Saturday Night

We went to the Horvaths house. It was wonderful to see the Horvaths again and it made me miss them so much. We hung out, ate pizza and tried our best to play 2 rounds of Dominos! If Nathan had best friends at his age, Seth and Caleb would be his. Nathan played all night long with them and the highlight of the night was Seth & Nathan 'singing' together as seen below.

Sunday, 12/21

Ironically enough, Steve wanted to play with Greg on Sunday morning at New Hope again, so Greg was added to the schedule! Here's a video of Greg playing at New Hope, however, the new drum cage makes it very difficult to see Greg.

Wednesday, 12/24
The day started out with finding activities to tire Nathan out for a good afternoon nap before our long evening at Uncle Gerald's & Aunt Marilyne's house.


Willow Bend Mall Play Area

To be continued....