Thursday, December 4, 2008

October 2003....Looking Back

Yesterday I was preparing dinner and cleaning up when I had a funny memory pass through my mind, does that ever happen to you? After thinking about our first trip to Rocky Point, Mexico I had to go look at the pictures for the sake of nostalgia. Let me tell you the funny story about this trip.

We have a good friend (Josh) whose family had a long-standing tradition spanning over 30 years to go to Rocky Point, Mexico during the month of October. It's a short 4 hour drive from Arizona, by the way! They invited us to go with them in 2003 but the only catch was we would have to find a place to stay because the condo our friends were in was already packed to max capacity with the rest of Josh's family. They were in these nice little condos with all the amenities, full kitchen, patio right on the beach, etc. Here's some pictures so you can visualize it:

Their condo was really nice. Well...little did we know that October is a popular month for Rocky Point and we were late in the game to try and find an affordable place to rent. As usual my hero, Greg, came through! He was able to find a condo online and made a reservation. And from what we could tell by the map it was only a little walk away from where our friends were. We couldn't wait for our first Rocky Point adventure!

A few weeks later, we all drove down to Mexico and here's the sign that awaited us at the 'condo' we reserved.
Hmm...well it is Mexico, what did we expect? NOT THIS! Here was our condo:
It was awful. I remember saying repeatedly, "There must be a mistake, the website said 'Condo', this is a 'Trailer'. Again, it's Mexico and there was no mistake this was our rental for the next four days! Later, after telling Josh and Lynn about it, they had to walk down to see for themselves and I happen to catch this picture of Josh inside the trailer. It's the only one I have because needless to say we spent as little time in this trailer as possible!
Despite the less than par condo, though the trip was a blast and one we would repeat in coming years! Here's a couple more snapshots from the trip.