Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Scissor Happy...Hair Conundrum

This is how my hair makes me feel.

This is where I drive to make it better.

This is the guy who can fix it, Nick Addison, 'The One' Magic Man Hair Extraordinaire.

This is what my hair looks like now. It's significantly shorter and lighter.
I asked Nick to take a minimum of 2 lb's out of my hair and so he did.
Admittedly, I'm self conscious.
I think I just went a record time with the same hairstyle of 2 years.
I used to change hairstyles practically every 9 months.
While it 'feels' good to take the hair shawl off my head, it doesn't look as feminine.
Thankfully, my hair grows in record time, similar to Gremlins.

Unfortunate for me, Nick is moving to Austin, Texas.
I will no longer be able to sneak a visit to see him while I'm in Dallas.
A while ago I affectionately dubbed Nick as 'The One' because after years of seeing hairstylists who didn't know how to lighten the weight in my unusually thick mane,
NICK became 'The One' who could do it! I shall miss him terribly.

Best Wishes Nick!