Sunday, December 14, 2008

RockPoint Service on the Land!

Our church, Rock Point Church, started 7 years ago meeting in a clubhouse, they graduated to meeting in a school and now meets in the auditorium of performing arts center. In the last couple of years they have been working towards buying land and are now in the process of beginning to build. This weekend, our services were on the land and it was a great experience filled with anticipation of what's to come.

They marked out where each building would be by signs, for example this is where the nursery will be and etc.
Here was someone who attended the service on horseback. Sorry, Uncle Jimmy once the building is done, that will no longer be an option!
While it was cold by Arizona standards (low 50's) everyone was in good spirits. Here's our Worship leader, Shawn and his wife, Sara, who sings amazingly. Just fyi, you've seen both of them in videos I've posted of Greg playing drums.
I bundled Nathan up in layers but I didn't have a hat or gloves for him so I threw one of Greg's knitted hats on him hoping it would fit and it worked. Hook 'em Horns!
Well it wasn't cold to everyone, Brian is from Boston and seems to actually LIKE it cold. Notice, no jacket, no gloves, no hat.
That was our weekend. We are now watching the Cowboys/Giants game, 4th Qtr, 20-8 Cowboys. When Cowboys are 9-5, we can officially declare it a good weekend!