Friday, November 28, 2008

Annual Turkey Bowl!

One of the traditions that we enjoyed and missed in Arizona was the annual Turkey Bowl Football game. The popularity of this game has grown and since we we've been absent for a couple of years, we were surprised by how many men participated this year; just a little over 60 men! Here's a picture of the men listening to the game rules and Greg waiting with his team on the sidelines.

Here's Greg making a catch...

The day was a big hit for Nathan because he got to do his favorite thing of all time. Run outside for 6 hours straight! Here's Nathan sneaking over to Greg while the team was huddling. He just wanted to be 'by' Daddy, so he sneaked over, hid behind Brian's leg and then he quickly ran away.

Here's Nathan with our Nila, Josh & Lynn's dog. Nila was very interested in Nathan's goldfish but Nathan wasn't in the mood to share, so he tried to push Nila away with his foot but then Nathan softened up and let Nila lick his fingers, which just encouraged Nila & Ruby both to ask for more!

Here was a first, I've never seen Nathan laugh or giggle at other kids until this day. The little boy in the blue would climb and jump off this orange truck which would send Nathan into these delightful fits of giggles, I only wish I had made a video instead of snapping pictures.

During 'half-time' Josh grilled about 90 hot dogs for the players, wives, and kids....

Good times!