Thursday, September 23, 2010

A hundred reasons why Dunkin Donuts is better...

A thousand reasons why Dunkin Donuts is better than Starbucks goes:

1. Reward Cards - Dunkin shows appreciation to their customers with reward cards.  Buy any 7 small Hot or Iced Coffees, get the 8th one free! That's customer service folks.

2. Loyalty Promo - Sign up at and get a freebie mailed to you for signing up AND on your birthday.  Does Starbunks ever give a freebie? 
3. Appreciation Week - Dunkin shows respect to our civil servants.  So far, I've seen Dunkin promote Teachers, Nurses & Firefighters.  They get free coffee for the week.  Seriously.
4. Special Promos -  Dunkin's 60th anniversary week, small coffee's were only FIFTY CENTS PEOPLE!  FREE Iced Coffee day on May 11, 2010. Tax Day Relief-Free donut with purchase of small coffee. There are so many promos, at least once a month, I can't even list them all.

5. Pricepoint - For example, a 12 oz. Small Iced Coffee @ Dunkin =$1.84  @ Starbunks=2.02.  Cha-ching, save .18 a cup.
 6. Vocabulary - A small is a small.  A large is a large.  What is it with the Tall-Venti-Grande nonsense at Starbunks?  Just give me a friggin cup of coffee already.
 7. Drivethrus - Most Dunkin's have a drivethru.  Con-ven-ient, thank you very much!

8. Donuts - Duh.
 9. The Coffee - Dunkin Donuts coffee totally rocks.  It's just GOOD coffee, it really is.
 10. The Logo - Dunkins logo makes sense, it's a cup of coffee-to go.  Starbunks logo is a mermaid, I don't get it.
That's all I have, for now.  So, it's not a hundred reasons but it's10 really good ones and  I believe I have proven my point.

In my closing statement I would like to make clear - I don't HATE Starbucks.  For me, the better value - the biggest bang for my buck comes from Dunkin Donuts. But if I were traveling West on I10 just outside of El Paso (random example) and the only coffee shop for miles was a Starbucks, would I stop?  In the words of Napolean Dynomite, "Heck Yeah!"  It's still coffee and one must have coffee!

Thank you for reading, I rest my case.