Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busiest Weekend of My Life - Post #2

On Saturday morning we participated in a fundraising car wash at Chick-Fil-A:

After the car wash, we raced home, got ready for a wedding 3.5 hours away and picked up some lunch at In-N-Out hamburgers on the way out.

We arrived to the wedding location early because Greg and Josh were asked to help with parking - the rest of us had some the forest...with a's our hot photographer...hehehe!

The uncooperative child who finally informed me "I don't like pictures." pictured here holding a camera.

Grandma and Nathan...

The three of us...

As the wedding began, I changed my camera settings from auto to manual, which is dangerous in my case but with the sun setting I was afraid my flash would be distracting during the ceremony.  Most of my pictures came out blurry but here are a couple salvaged pictures. 

And I always love a good blurry picture of the Hull family! This particular one makes the Top 10 list just because of Greg's expression.

A fun candy table (because love is sweet) occupied some of our time while we waited for dinner.

The rest of the time, Lynn and I were up to our usual shenanigans.

This wedding was literally out in the middle of a forest, I took this shot for perspective.

We left the wedding about 8:00 - got home about 12:30 - woke up at 5:30 the next morning for the next day's events and activities.  That's the next post.  Peace out.