Saturday, September 11, 2010

Personal Fitness Challenge...Weigh In Now!

I've decided to take on a personal fitness challenge for these reasons.
  1. Although, I am a petite person I have a muffin top that is proportionate to my frame.
  2. I really need to integrate any form of physical activity into my life.
  3. I've been watching fitness infomercials for the last 3 hours.
Each infomercial makes one ludicrous claim after another about weight loss, body shaping, and major life changes. I'm going to try one and test the results. I'm asking for you to weigh in on which program I should test.  I am committing to do the following for the fitness plan selected:
  • I will commit to the timeframe of the program.
  • If there is a nutrition plan, I will follow it. 
  • I will report on a weekly basis, weight/inches lost or physical changes.
  • At the end; I will post before/after pictures and report if the infomercial was a hoax or not.
Each program costs $60 and has a money back guarantee, so there's nothing to lose! Without further ado, here are the infomercials that had me at "Order Now!"

To watch this pumped up exercise party infomercial yourself, click Zumba

Truthful Claim or Gotcha Gimmick?
- You feel like your having a party while your working out - i love a good party!

- Denise's testimony - if you don't feel the emotion in Denise's testimony, your not even human.
- Zumba is a fast growing fitness craze with more than 7 million enthusiasts - where are these people?

Turbo Jam
To watch this total energetic and spastic infomercial yourself, click Turbo Jam

Truthful Claim or Gotcha Gimmick?
Get the results you want in the shortest time possible - perfect, that's all I care about.
Just 20 minutes a day to target every major muscle group - short time committment, i like it.
It's not the same old kickboxking -good, cause I am just sick to death of the old kickboxing.

Slim in 6 
To watch this well produced and very convincing infomercial yourself, click Slim in 6

Truthful Claim or Gotcha Gimmick?
Total body transformation - you won't even RECOGNIZE me!
Get in better shape now than before kids - wow, seriously?
Tana's tearful testimony - can't even talk about it, too emotional.

 Hip Hop Abs
To watch this hip and upbeat infomercial yourself, click Hip Hop Abs

Truthful Claim or Gotcha Gimmick?
Lose fat without ever doing a situp or crunch - good cause I don't know what a situp is.
Learn to dance like the superstars - yeesss!
Your not really exeerrrcising, your daannncing! - perfect cause I seem to have an aversion to exercise.
So vote on the fitness program you would like to see me complete by leaving a blog comment. 
WAIT!  There's MORE!
If you vote NOW, at the end of a successful fitness program I will produce my OWN infomercial!!
This invaluable video can only be viewed here on this blog at NO EXTRA COST!
Vote NOW before it's to late!!
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