Sunday, September 12, 2010

Picture of the Day

Just posting a few POTD's that I really like but never got around to posting the day of...

09/01/10 - I finally used my 'Freebie' for signing up at  Another reason why DD is better than Starbucks.  When was the last time you got a Starbucks freebie?

09/02/10 - Nathan learned about the letter 'M' at school and made a cute mouse mask at school.

09/03/10 - My friend, Amber and I eat met for lunch and chose to sit outside even though the thermometer read 102.  Anything under 110 these days is actually nice weather for us, hahaha!!

09/10/10 - Speaking of weather, it was 70 degrees this particular morning.  Cool.  Crisp.  Brisk.  So nice I took Nathan for a wagon ride around the block before school.  I really like this picture of us, taken with the camera sitting on the ground.

Fyi - I used Pioneer Woman's 'Seventies' Photoshop action for these pictures, she has such an awesome set of freebies, if your looking for some good actions!


  1. That shot of you guys together is awesome.

  2. Ck - I know! I love it. :o) I gotta catch up on your blog, it's been far to long since I've had a good BMM laugh (or cry, cause you make do that to)! :o)