Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Painting, as if...

As if, I didn't have enough to work on right now...I started another project.  What is wrong with me?  I'm in the middle of scrapbooking 2008 for crying out loud.  I'm now working on March pictures. Yet, I have started another project that could hinder my momentum. I started painting stuff.

This is my 'work area' - hahaha!  Because 110 is to hot to do this outside right now, so inside the family room will do just fine.  In this picture, I'm sanding a kitchen chair.

The kitchen chair in it's original color on the left and the kitchen chair after I painted it on the right.

I also repainted this white bench, which coincidentally Greg made for me several years ago.  If you would like a custom made bench for yourself, please send your check for $813 made out to us.  hehehe!

Did I mention I had a helper in painting this bench?

I can just feel you itching to tell me how brave I am for giving my 3 year old a paintbrush and red paint. I am brave but with some clear instructions and a lot of trust, this 3 year old proved himself worthy of a big job.

Ta-daa - all done!  "And I helped" (quote from the little girl in the old shake and bake commercial, hahaha!)