Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Need to Know if you Don't Already Know

Have you ever found that all the pictures on your camera's memory card are suddenly corrupt and unrecognizable by your computer?

I have.  It sucks.

First things first. Download a FREE spyware-free file recovery program. 
PC Inspector Smart Recovery at www.Snapfiles.com
Load this bad boy on your computer, then select your corrupt files aaaand walk away.  For the rest of the day. This software is slooow.  But it's free, so really you gonna complain?

When PC Inspector has recovered your files, you might find some interesting things as I did.  Like pictures taken 4 months ago, 2 weeks ago and 3 days ago, layered on top of each other that I know I deleted from the card.

Then I am enlightened.  "Deleting" pictures from a memory card is not equal to "Removing" data from a memory card.  When you "Delete" pictures from a memory card, individual photos are deleted from the card directory but properties of those pictures remain.  Although you won't see these files on your memory card they are there.  You must "format" your memory card, using your camera or your computer in order to erase a memory card completely.

 Perhaps, you knew all this.  I didn't and since I believe in sharing, if you didn't know before, now you do!