Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Children's Museum of Phoenix

We took Nathan to the Children's Museum of Phoenix last weekend. Had I known it was 3 floors of total coolness, I would have paid for our admission instead of going on Target sponsored Free Friday...when EVERYONE else in Phoenix went.

Attendance was so high, that we had to wait our turn before we could enter the museum.  Sidewalk chalk was provided as a means to pass the time.

The first time Nathan drew this, it was on a magnetic board and he erased it before I could grab the camera.  Nathan calls his drawing "a big-strong-boy" - so glad we were able to get a picture.
Can you see the body, arms, legs, eyes, nose and mouth?   I'm so proud of his 3 yr old creativity! He clearly gets it from me.

Inside the museum, Nathan was able to play with a mock race car. We showed him where the spark plugs connected to the distributor cap and he was all over it, connecting each one by himself.  He clearly gets this keen interest in cars from his dad.

In the future, if you see recycled materials serving as a track for balls on our fridge, you'll know where I got the idea.
Next, Nathan is on a platform, dropping a ball onto a larger track and watching the ball travel around the room.

"WALK DO NOT RUN through the noodle forest!" yelled the Museum worker, over and over and over.

Sooo...note to self and others: Don't go on Free Friday, just pay the $6.00 admission to get in, it's totally worth it! :o)