Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Out of Town.....

This week I am in Washington D.C. staying at the beautiful Gaylord National Resort for the annual Sun sales conference and it's really spectacular. There are only 4 of these hotels and it seems the commonality between the 4 properties is they all have an indoor glass atrium that spans 18 stories high. I took the picture below standing on the bank of the Potomac River.

The next picture is taken from the 7th floor looking down at the Atrium. Unfortunately, it's impossible to see the exotic gardens, water fountains and lazy river.
Here is a picture of me and some of my team members. Including the missing members from this picture we represent 7 states (AZ, CA, CT, NY, OR, TX, & VA) . We are truly a 'virtual' team in every sense! (The 'Boss' is in the white top just behind me.)
Monday night we enjoyed an outdoor reception that included food/drink, a live band and other forms of entertainment including....Fireworks over the Potomac! Here's my team watching the show and the best possible picture I could take of some fireworks in action.
The other great part about being in D.C. is being able to see my family that lives in Virginia but that will be a separate post! To be continued....