Friday, August 8, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

Since I was so close to Virginia, I had the privilege of seeing my family and of course we had to uphold our standard tradition of eating at this restaurant. It's a rare combination of Korean and Japanese food, which I never seen anywhere else. I consider it the best of two worlds!Here is a picture of my plate with just a few of my favorite things; Sticky white rice, KimChi, Jap Chae, Wontons, Vegetable Sushi and Ginger. Yum, Yum!!
Another standard tradition when we get together is to take pictures and lots of them. Here's my other mom, Chapom; my brother, Daniel; my Sister, Naomi; and my sweet niece, Tatyana.

They also came to visit me at the Gaylord Resort which afforded many photo opportunities!
Here is Tatyana, mesmermized with the water fountain light show inside the Atrium of the hotel. Ironically enough our Dad was also in town even though he actually lives in Lake Havasu, Arizona!
It was so nice to see everyone and be able to visit while I was in town. I can't wait to come back in September when my brother gets married to the nicest & sweetest gal ever...wait till you see her!