Sunday, July 27, 2008

Abracadabra, Crazyn Goat!

This weekend we visited some friends that we haven't seen since getting back to Arizona. Richard & Kim Staffeldt are Josh's parents and Emily, Randy & Chris (I've written about him in a previous post) are their other kids.

This is very interesting, young Emily owns a Goat. It's name is Abracadabra, Abby for short. Emily is an amazing young girl who is planning to be a veterinarian. So she has had Abby for about 8 months I think and she had the incredible experience of delivering 2 baby goats just a few months ago. Unfortunately, the 2 baby goats didn't survive but as I listened to Emily tell the story of their deliveries and everything she did in the following days to take care of them trying to save their lives, I was deeply impressed with Emily's maturity and sense of responsibility at such a young age!

Needless to say, meeting Abby and hanging out in the Staffeldts backyard was a fun highlight of the weekend.

Here's Abby...
Here's Abby and Emily

Abby was pretty docile, evident in the next few pictures
My friend Lynn had this great idea of putting Nathan on top of Abby at which I first said "No, Lynn!" Then she said but it would be a cute picture at which point I acquiesced and said , "O.k."
And she was right, it is a cute picture!Of course, there came the time to put Abby back in her pen and as you can tell from this next picture, she wasn't really ready to go!