Monday, August 18, 2008


The Blog really looks different, huh? I actually logged on tonight to get some extra work done but the application I needed to use, kept hanging, so before I knew it I was investigating new things to add to the blog.

1. Note the fancy schmancy 'Slide' application which is now scrolling pictures of Nathan and his wonder with the waterhose. I noticed this very cool do-diddy on someone else's blog, a new up and comer in the scrapbooking world, Elizabeth Kartchner, click on her name to check out her blogsite.

2. If you did check out Elizabeth's site, you may have noticed that she has pictures that are side by side. I've been wanting the ability to do this for some time, so I figured if I used the same blog template she has, I might be able to do the same. I haven't tested it yet but I'll check it out soon.

3. White Backgrounds are all the rage right now in Blog sites and I was trying to go with the flow but the pictures just didn't pop out to me, which is why I selected the Black background. But my friend Courtney's blogsite also has a black background and she may think I've copied her-well consider it flattery darnit! However, I'm wondering if this will be harder on the eyes or not as easy to read. Leave me some feedback and let me know if the Black Background makes it difficult to read the longer paragraphs of text. Maybe, I'll take a poll....

4. Don't you just love the Double-Double Entendre in my header? First let's clarify the definition of a Double Entendre. I thought it meant a double meaning, Greg thought it meant something risque. The definition is...
  • NOUN: 1. A word or phrase having a double meaning, especially when the second meaning is risqué. 2. The use of such a word or phrase; ambiguity.
We were both right! So the Double-Double Entendre in my header is this:
  1. The 1st Double Entendre is - Texas Size Hull. Play on the catch phrase Texas Size Hole, replacing Hole with our last name Hull. You probably figured that one out a while ago!
  2. The new 2nd entendre is the picture of the boat Hull and our last name being Hull.
Is that not the most clever ever? I'm so proud of myself, really I am! Well...that's my update and the reasons behind it!