Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our new address...

...in Arizona.
Pending everything goes smoothly, this will be our new address. I got back from D.C. on Thursday night and we looked at about 5 different houses with a realtor on Friday and this was the one that we chose. We have a contract on the house and our close date is scheduled for September 25th.

Just a few pictures. Disclaimer for my professional photographer friends, pictures are low quality as they were taken with my little Canon camera.
We have a clean slate for a backyard which is actually goodness...that way we can do exactly what we want...like put in a pool!
Yes...it is a 2 story house. Yes, the laundry room is downstairs. I realized in the beginning of this process that I would probably have to deal with a 2 story in order for us to get the kind of space we want so I've talked myself into a good attitude. And I will choose not to complain about it, until at some point it won't even be a thought that crosses my mind! :)

The funny part about our subdivision, is to get to our house you would turn right on Laredo Ranch Drive, left on El Paso, right on Tumbleweed. If you pass Austin Lane, Odessa Drive or Longhorn street, then you've gone to far. Are you getting it? All the street names are Texas themed! Too funny, huh?

For those interested in additional pictures (like my father in law), about 80 more detailed pictures can be found at: http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/20310710