Monday, August 25, 2008

Hiking Zion

Just before we moved from Texas, Greg and a couple of friends had semi-planned a camping trip to Zion National Park in Utah. As it so happened, we left a truck behind in Texas so Greg asked if they would be willing to drive our truck to Arizona for us and then they could head to Utah together. They were willing and spared us from having to do that ghastly drive yet one more time. Whew!

Our friend Steve, who is a Worship Pastor, Guitar Teacher and Professional Photographer, a real slacker, took the pictures just below. I tell him all the time how awesome his pictures are and he either doesn't believe me or he's extremely modest about his giftedness.

I recommend you click on each picture to see it in detail, especially this first one, which is the guys hiking in 'The Narrows', a cavernous hike, through a river that takes about 2 days. There are people in the center of the bottom of the picture and it gives you perspective on how big the rocks are.

I believe the next 2 pictures are at the very beginning of 'The Narrows'. Greg is in the center of the picture on the left. Mike and Steve are strategically planning their steps in the picture on the right.

This one speaks for itself, the guys were dead tired. It might have been that hike on the bus trail that did them in!

The guys also did a drive-by of the Grand Canyon and here is a picture of Steve working his magic. When I looked closely at this picture, I noticed Steve was wearing what I would consider the un-safest shoes ever for traversing a placed called 'The GRAND CANYON'...well, they made it back safely so I won't squawk to loud over it.

Another breathtaking picture...well done, Steve!