Saturday, November 8, 2008

About Nathan and the Drums...

You may remember the post that mentions Nathan likes to play drums with Greg...that was a nice feel good story to tell but behind the scenes...that cute little story escalated into something very ugly. We soon discovered that when the time came to STOP playing the drums, Nathan would literally have an emotional meltdown. When I'm telling someone about this in person, they nod their heads and say something about a tantrum. Let me tell you something...what I have witnessed with my own two eyes is more than a simple tantrum. During these raging breakdowns, we have had to stop Nathan from banging his head against the floor because he is so distraught. I have never actually gotten this on video but I've come close. The video below is a very mild display of what I'm talking about just to give you a 'for example'.

Like I said, this was a very mild example. As a result of these disturbing meltdowns, we just had to shut the door and not let Nathan near the drums. But then I started to fear we were holding back a savant or child prodigy so I immediately began looking for a toddler size drumset, something for someone who only stands 3 ft high! I found a set on eBay for $16 plus shipping, not to bad. So Greg won the auction and the set was on it's way. I was very excited the day it arrived, I had it put together and ready for when Nathan came home. He saw it immediately and he automatically knew what it was and what to do with it, it was uncanny. So here are a few videos of Nathan's first few minutes on his new drumset.