Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shiner...Sleepover and Soundcheck

We had a full weekend and since we had company over for dinner both Thursday night (the Norton's) and Friday night (Landon & Julie) it kinda felt like the weekend started early for us!

Saturday morning, Greg had softball practice for our home group co-ed team so Nathan and I joined Greg at the park. Much to our surprise there was a lot more going on than just softball practice. In the small town of Queen Creek, AZ (population 23,000) there was a Skateboarding contest taking place. Needless to say, Nathan and I both were intrigued and we ended up watching some of the contest even though we were supposed to be over at the softball field!

Here's Nathan watching from the fence...

This little guy was the youngest competitor, he was a tiny 7 year old! I couldn't believe it.

While watching the skateboarders, Nathan decided to take a seat...next to complete strangers. He sat right next to the girl in blue and he sat so close to her they were literally touching leg to leg. Funny part was, she didn't seem to notice, she never even glanced at the stranger who practically sat on top of her. He seemed to like the girl in the pink coat and whenever she applauded, he would to.

The bad part about sitting on the bleachers though was, he fell backwards and landed pretty much on his face somehow and came up with a face, mouth and ear full of dirt. Scared me to death! He got a good size knot on his head and a little bit of a shiner around his right eye and of course, I felt like a horrible mother and completely responsible for his boo-boos.

We did make it back around to the softball field for a little while. Here's Nathan with Amber (in the hat) who watches Nathan during the day and her 11 mo old little girl, Maysen. And Brian, a Fever Pitch Red Sox fan. If you haven't seen the movie 'Fever Pitch', you need to see it to understand how dedicated Brian is.

Watching from the fence is so boring for a little boy...so Nathan tried to sneak on the field...DOH! he was caught by Dad!

If you can't join them, move on. Since Nathan couldn't play softball, we moved over to the playground. If you enlarge this first picture, you can actually see Nathan's shiner around his right eye.

Remember the post about the Asian posture, where Nathan holds his hands behind his back? He still does it...so cute! As for the next picture, one day maybe I'll get the timing right when he's coming down the slide, seems to be a bit of a challenge for me.

Saturday night, Nathan had is first sleepover! Greg, Lance & Amber had to be at the softball tournament so I babysat Maysen, Nathan's little buddy. These could have been really good pictures of Maysen, if I had used the flash but I was trying to do the natural lighting thing but they came out blurry. Hopefully, one day, I'll figure it all out....

Here I used the flash, big difference. Here are both of them with their bottles just before bedtime...how cute is that?

Nathan was so pooped, he fell asleep with both feet outside the crib!

Sunday morning Greg played drums at church, as usual he did a great job. Normally, he is very stoic when he plays and doesn't move around much but in this brief video I captured, he actually moves a little bit, I'll take the credit for loosening him up!

The strangest thing is Nathan always knows when Greg is up on stage. After everyone leaves the auditorium, I let Nathan walk down the steps to the stage, fortunately, he has yet to figure out to get up there, so we're safe for now!

Just another beautiful and busy weekend in the life of the Hulls!