Saturday, November 22, 2008

Garage Sale 4 A Cause!

This weekend we hosted a Garage Sale for a Cause! For a good laugh, click on the picture above to enlarge, I had no idea this is what I look like when I laugh...and does it look like I'm holding the dogs tail? :)

Our church home group, recently discussed how easy it is to get caught up with materialism and consumerism these days, especially during the holiday season. The only cure for those ailments is to think of and invest in others. So we hosted a 'Garage Sale 4 a Cause'. A local family who has no near by relatives or any community/church support to speak of is suddenly in need. Mr Ormand had an unfortunate motorcycle accident while on his way to work, while Mrs. Ormand, who is 8 mos pregnant, stays at home with their 3 children, ages 3, 2 & 1. The accident occurred about a month ago and he is still hospitalized with severe head injuries. The Ormand family was who we needed to be thinking about.

It made me proud to work side by side with people who were willing to sacrifice STUFF and personal TIME for someone else's benefit. So we posted signs, we shopped our own garage sale and we just hung out. The last picture in this group is of the White family, Amber (who watches Nathan during the week) Maysen and Lance.

Nathan loved being outside and drove his little car around the shoppers...'Don't mind me!'...

When it wasn't busy, we kicked back and relaxed a bit....

We had some 'Shenanigans, Tom-Foolery and Ballyhoo' (can you name that movie line?) that took place as well. We were selling Nathan's lion costume and Lance couldn't resist trying it on. And normally Dave looks pretty intimidating because of his tattoos and biker boots but in this hat he pretty much just looks like a regular goof!

We worked the garage sale from 7am-11am, by the time us gals paid for our own purchases we had raised about $100 for the Ormand family. I was a little disappointed though, I met a neighbor who made $1,400 at her last garage sale so I felt like we could have made out better than we did. Since we had a ton of stuff left over, we plan a repeat in late which time I should not be in charge of any prices! In the midst of a garage sale, my alter ego, 'Crazy Korean Lady' comes out, it's very scary. Her personality is very similar to the Chinese waitress in Mickey Blue Eyes. In the movie she is forcing someone to eat a fortune cookie, repeating 'Eat Cookie!... Eaat Cookie!....EAT Cookie!'. At the garage sale my alter ego is trying to force people to buy stuff they don't want and as incentive, I slash prices ridiculously low and practically give stuff away. It's not good for the bottom line so Crazy Korean lady cannot be present at the next garage sale! All in all though it was time and energy well spent and for a good cause. The last picture is a group shot of our home group, minus 1. Some are old friends from our previous stint in AZ and some are new...hmm, how nice! ;)