Thursday, September 25, 2008

Weekend in Virginia

In my last post you read that we were attending my brother's wedding in Virginia over the weekend. While the wedding was definitely the highlight of the trip, I loved just hanging out with my peeps more than anything.

Friday Night
We flew in Friday afternoon and went to the rehearsal dinner that night. Here's Daniel, my brother and Vanessa, the Bride. We are definitely getting the better end of the deal with Vanessa joining our family! She's truly one of the kindest people I've ever met. Case in point, Vanessa knew that Nathan watches Handy Manny, a cartoon about a handy man in a small town. She had Build-A-Bear, create a custom teddy bear with a toolbelt and tools for Nathan as a gift at the rehearsal dinner. I couldn't believe it! Here's a picture of us with the bear but Nathan kinda got lost between

Saturday Morning
The next morning, Tatyana had a soccer game that I wanted to take pictures of, so we all ended up on the soccer field cheering on Taty and her team.

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Saturday Night
The wedding started at 4 in the afternoon and I have to say from a very objective was the prettiest wedding I've ever seen. From the venue, to the dress, to the bridemaid dresses, flower colors, cake, everything was just beautiful. My sister was a bridesmaid and looked stunning. My niece was a flower girl and was to cute with her curly hair bouncing around. My dad was dressed in a nice suit, only the 3rd time I've seen him in a suit. My other mom, CC, was decked out in a satin plum colored dress, she also looked absolutely stunning, like a tiny barbie doll. Greg looked very snazzy in his suit and his red shirt matched the bridesmaid dresses, Mr. Nathan in his little dress clothes was to cute for words! And the Bride was drop- dead gorgeous, to beautiful for words!

Here's the not-funny-at-the-time-but-funny-later story. Nathan and I were hanging out in this corrider waiting for Greg. While I was talking to Leo, Nathan played with the water fountain...then suddenly, Nathan made a beeline for this storage closet with a wide open door.

Just a few feet away, I started to run afterNathan but the little munchkin was to fast, he promptly walked in the closet, turned around and closed the door...locking himself inside! Leo ran to find someone with a key, while I pleaded with Nathan to open the door from the other side. He just jibber-jabbered with no concern in his voice whatsoever. Thankfully, someone came quickly and Nathan was locked inside less than a minute, but it felt alot longer to me!

I took about 1,500 pictures over the weekend which is why it took a while to post them. Ironically though, I didn't take a single picture of just Greg, Nathan and I all dressed up at the wedding. Fortunately, I had given Tatyana my little camera during the reception and she happily ran around taking pictures of important subjects to her and she happened to get one of just the three of us, here it is. Thanks Taty! :)

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***Wedding Videos***
Nathan became the center of attention once the music started because we couldn't keep him off the dancefloor. Here's a few videos...

Here's a fun video of Daniel & Vanessa dancing...

In the next video, I started out watching Nathan but noticed CC dancing the night away next to me and I couldn't resist turning the camera on her. She's the cutest little Grandma I've ever seen! It's a little dark at first but lightens up a little at the end.

We went over to CC's on Sunday for breakfast and lunch. The weather was so nice we literally hung out on the back porch all day, while the kids ran around and played outside. If Nathan could talk, he would probably say it was his favorite day of the weekend. He loves being outside and Grandma CC's house has tons of fun toys to play with!

This next series of pictures is really just an illustration of 'sharing'.

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***Sunday Afternoon Videos***
Nathan playing in the car...

Here is a video of CC speaking to Nathan only in Korean...ironically when she would do this, he would respond to her as if he understood exactly what she was saying.

Here is Greg pulling Taty 'on the grass' in a 'snow sled'. This is about the time, I started to feel little bit like a redneck. ;)

Monday morning we had breakfast at Yorkshire Restaurant, a restaurant that is literally 50 years old. It was Southern style home cooking, it was so yummy. We decided every time we visit from now on, we have to make eating at this place part of the tradition. Nathan attended incognito...

Then we took the kids to Signal Hills Park, just around the corner from Daniel & Vanessa's place.

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Ice Cream at Klines just before our trip home! It was supposed to be Ice Cream at Nathan's Dairy Shop but they were closed so we will have to save that for next time.