Friday, September 5, 2008


While we are anxiously waiting for our close date and the ability to move into our house...we are surprisingly content and just going about every day life.

On Tuesday of this week, Rockpoint Church, the church we attended before leaving Arizona, called and asked if Greg could play drums this coming Sunday morning. We knew that the September schedule had been made in advance, so we thought it would be a while before Greg would play again. Looks like God had other plans! Greg had to dig through the storage unit to find his drums and equipment and has temporarily set up shop in Gary's office. Thank goodness the Nortons are in Africa right now! (and Norton's if your reading this, I promise we will put everything back in place before you get back!) :) It's been a little while since Nathan has heard live drums so he had to be right in the thick of it while Greg was practicing. Standing at the door was not close enough, he wanted to sit in Greg's lap!

Speaking of music, before we left Texas I bought this little keyboard for $8.99 at Kid to Kid. Nathan loves this keyboard and plays with it nearly every day. I'm convinced we have a mini-musician on our hands with the level of interest that Nathan seems to have in music. The oddest thing is that Nathan wants to play this keyboard sitting on top of Greg. Here are pictures of how Nathan prefers to compose.

The next set of pictures are truly shenanigans by definition. Nathan is just a little infatuated with the contents of the refrigerator door. He sneaks into the refrigerator and takes all the bottles out and surrounds himself with them. For him it's a very serious project which he performs very quietly but he is oh so proud of his accomplishment when done, as you can see in the picture.

This last one was just me being silly, I pulled Nathan's shorts as far up as I could, trying to picture how Nathan would look in some 'Sansabelts'.