Saturday, September 6, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame...!

Greg finally got to play softball today and the fields he played on were not your average fields. He played at 'Big League of Dreams', a sports park containing multiple baseball fields that are scaled down replicas of major league baseball stadiums. There are also batting cages, restaurants, and an indoor soccer arena. I read that the entire complex cost $36 million to build.

Here's an aerial picture I copied of what the complex looks like from above. If you look at the center, where the fields all meet, that is a polygon shaped restaurant/snack bar that has huge glass windows overlooking each one of the 4 fields. You can literally watch your teams game from inside the restaurant. I really thought this was brilliant.

Each field has the same features, such as the seating behind home is stadium seating and the back walls all have cheesy people boards so it looks like there are 'people in the stands'.

Greg in action...he's a beautiful creature...

Nathan in action...he's a cutie, patooty.

Pictures of some of the other fields....
1. Los Angeles, Big A in Anahiem 2. Boston's Fenway Park, Green Monster.

1. New York Polo Grounds

St. Louis Sportsman Park


  1. That place is insane!! It makes me seriously miss playing softball. I played all the way through college, and then I have only been able to play on a couple co-ed teams since then. I gotta get back out there! Thanks for the inspiration Greg. People in their 30's still have what it takes :-)

  2. Hey, I was the second youngest guy on the team and first in the "suckin wind" category!