Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We are finally moved into our new house. We moved on Saturday (9/13) and it was a feat, lemme tell ya! While Greg has accrued vacation time from work, he was unable to take any days off for our move. That being said, the first order of business was to get our home office set up by Monday afternoon so Greg could work. He & Josh immediately pulled up a section of carpet in the loft and began installing a wood floor where our desks would be.

Later in the day, Greg met hired help at our storage unit and began loading our belongings to move into the house. Here are pictures of Greg, Josh and the movers, moving us in.

Even in the midst of moving, we cannot neglect snack time, which is about 10:00am and mom better be prepared!

Greg and I seem to have a lot of 'stuff' so just imagine chaos and mayhem and you have an accurate picture of what our lives are like during the process of moving into a new house. As you can imagine, the disorganization drives me insane, seriously. So upon move in, I become this human distribution center, in constant motion, tearing open boxes and moving the contents around the house. While I'm figuring out where things are going to go in the new house, I'm also simultaneously creating functional process flows with our stuff as I imagine our day to day living. What that means is I could spend hours in our master closet as I put things away and also try to figure out if the hampers should go by the closet door or by the dresser or by the hanging clothes, etc. It's like this for days until I get it all done. It's physically and mentally exhausting...but I can't stop myself. I work tirelessly until I pass out at the end of every night. Only to wake up the next morning, still exhausted but driven by this need for order and protocol. I know alot of people who live with boxes packed in their garages for years after moving into a house. That is not me.

The first picture was taken on Day 2 (Sunday) and shows the progress on the office. The second picture was taken on Day 3 (Monday), Greg was furiously working to get his desk and computer set up to begin working at 1:00pm, during the same time period Greg was also providing VCR support to his dad over the phone, that Greg is Amazing!

Limited progress on the Kitchen and Family Room...stuff everywhere!

Fortunately, Nathan has not picked up my neurotic neatness tendencies, he had no qualms eating breakfast amidst half unpacked boxes and packing paper everywhere!

For the next 2 days (Tuesday-Wednesday) I worked tirelessly trying to put things in order and as a result I forgot to take pictures. On Thursday, I had to return to work. Then on Friday, we left our house in complete disarray in order to attend my brother's wedding in Virginia!

To be continued....