Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hull Home Videos!

For some reason, that I have yet to figure out, I haven't been able to post videos directly to my blog, like I used to be able to. So once more I am trying another 3rd party service to test the quality of the videos that I post. I 'think' this might work better...let's see.

This is Greg playing drums at church this past Sunday. I had to stop the video short, as you will see.

Nathan at Espee Park, sticking his head in the water...

Playground steps...

Taking a walk...

Reposting the video from Labor Day because the quality in the original was pretty bad...


  1. Greg you are a rock star. Miss you guys! Steve

  2. Who knew that you could play drums like that? Why didn't you tell anyone??? :-)

    You sound great, man! You always, do.