Friday, May 30, 2008

Music Review? Why Not!

Music is such a huge influence in our lives. Whatever state of life I find myself in, there is always a specific realm of music or artist that speaks to where I am emotionally. So I thought, if I post my thoughts on movies, why not do the same on the latest CD I'm listening to? This morning, as I started my work day, I started to play the same CD I've been playing for a couple of weeks now. I've been listening to Brooke Fraser's Albertine alot lately. The peaceful rhythms and tones of Brooke's voice are just what I need in the midst of the chaos of the transition we are in right now! Here's the video to Albertine for a sample:

If you are interested in ordering this CD by any chance, I think it's an import from New Zealand and may take a little longer to get via shipping. I ran into this issue when I wanted to order it as a birthday gift for a friend, just fyi.