Monday, May 19, 2008

Nathan stuff...

Last week was one of our toughest weeks as new parents. Nathan was sick in every way so with our lack of experience we were up against a learning curve with each episode we faced. However, I have to say that Nathan is one tough little boy, he handled it all pretty well.

Despite the rough week, Nathan was 'almost' back to normal by the weekend. The only exception being the allergic reaction to the medication he was taking. However, we still went to the park where Nathan loves to walk...BY HIMSELF. Don't even try to hold his hand. If you grab his hand, no matter what dangers you are trying to protect him from, prepare for a FIT!! Here's Nathan happily walking by himself.
Although Nathan is walking, he still falls alot. It just happens. Here's an example:
Nathan was standing, first picture. Then he fell, second picture.
And now that Nathan is walking on his own he is fearless in climbing the playground structures. I'm having heart palpitations that I won't catch him in time as I carefully walk behind Nathan with every step. I could only take 2 quick pictures of him at this first level before I needed to assume my parental position right behind Nathan.
This picture was one of those moments that take me by surprise when I realized how quickly this is all going. It wasn't long ago that Nathan was a little baby and now he's this little boy.