Monday, May 19, 2008

Car Show in Rockwall

On Sunday we went to Rockwall by Lake Ray Hubbard with Greg's parents. We had lunch and briefly took in a view of the lake, it was too beautiful a day to not take some pictures, here they are!
The real reason for our trip to Rockwall though was to see a friend from Arizona who lives and works in Texas now. Chris Staffeldt has a very cool job working for Stoked Out Specialties, an award winning full service custom auto shop. Chris is an inspiration to me. He set a goal, he achieved it and now he does something that he loves and has a passion for. The part that gets me though is that he's so young! He got a big part of life figured out by 21! We met Chris when he was only 15, he was just a punk kid! j/k Now he's very successful at his job, he seems to have his head on straight and he has no visible body piercings or tattoos than I can see (lol). I'm just so proud of him!!

Here's Chris sporting his 'cowboy' hat which he felt compelled to get now that he is living in Texas.
Here is one of the cars his shop was showing for the auto show, I specifically took a picture of this car for Chris' brother, Josh who has an affinity for VW's.
I'm standing inside the shops 18 wheeler trailer that carries the cars to the auto show. The inside has a car lift...that's just cool to me.Greg and Chris definitely connect on the car thing, here they are talking 'car' talk.
It was a bit of a long afternoon and even though it was a beautiful day, it was hot. I have to give props to my little man though, he took it all in stride, as he always does. Here's a picture of Nathan towards the backend of our afternoon. He could have been grumpy & fussy but he wasn't, instead here he is giving Chris a smile and leaning into Dad.