Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday Morning Service

Our church had a single service outside this Sunday, normally we have 2 back to back services, inside obviously. I have to say I think it's the first time I attended church outside and it was pretty neat, especially to see everyone together in one service. This is what it looked like, the band is in the back of the picture under the awning on the church building. By the way, you can click on any of these pictures to enlarge and see the details!
Of course, Nathan, my mom and I were sitting under the tent.
There were also baptisms afterwards, here's a picture.Then there was BBQ and different age appropriate activities afterwards. A volleyball tournament was organized, teams were established, and they literally played a bracket that lasted from 12:30-6:00. It's worth noting that at the end of the day, Greg's team, "Kevlar" won the tournament. You can only see Greg's hand & arm in this picture but here he is making a block against our Pastor in the red t-shirt.
Just a couple more pics of Greg making a play for his team
Here's the funny part. You had to know there was a funny part! On June 17th this year, my mom will be turning 57...but you wouldn't know it, especially if you are with her in this type of environment, she has a very child-like spirit. For example in this next picture:
My mom really wanted to ride the mechanical bull but she only saw kids waiting in line so she was embarrassed. But if she had seen other adults in line she would have been on that bull! Then, she thought the obstacle bounce house looked fun but again, only kids in line. And on and on it went.
But she did get her picture with the Fireman and the Firetruck!
It was a fun time!