Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Heading Back to Arizona

This may be new news, then again maybe not. Greg and I have deliberated for months about moving back to Arizona. We have had countless conversations between ourselves, with family members and friends as we have carefully weighed and considered this idea. We finally decided that we believe moving back to Arizona is what is best for the three of us and that's the decision we've made.

One of the big factors in the timing of our move was the status of Greg's job. However, prayers have been answered and Greg will be able to keep his job in Dallas and will simply work remote from Arizona. That being said, we will both be working from home and that may become a prayer in and of itself! :)

We have put our house back on the real estate market as our next step in this process. When our house sells, we will be packing up and moving out. Our prayers are now for our house to sell as close to list price as possible. With the state of the real estate market right now, this could be asking for a miracle but we are asking anyway! Feel free to send anyone our House Listing who might be interested in living in beautiful Murphy, TX! It really is a great location. :)

Another step in this process that may seem trivial but it's really not is we have to find a good home for our 12 year old cat, Charlie. Logistically, when we pack up and drive out we can't take Charlie with us on the 24 hour drive this time around. I'm not sure what the drive will be like with Nathan but we had already promised to take him with us. (j/k!) If any of you would like to adopt or know of someone who would be willing to give Charlie a good home, it would give me great peace of mind. Here's a picture of Charlie, a great, well-trained cat:
Our final step will be to drastically minimize to help make this move easier than the last one. Needing the 56 foot truck was just plain ridiculous last time. The movers said they had never seen anyone with so many chairs. We plan to have a 'sell-everything-sale' once there is a contract on our house. We're selling living room tables, dining room furniture, chairs!, etc. - so stay tuned, you or someone you know may be looking for something we're selling when the time comes.

Lastly, please think of us and send good thoughts our way or say a prayer for us during this process, we would really appreciate it! :)