Friday, May 6, 2011

The University of Texas at Austin

Of course we visited The University of Texas while we were in Austin - it's only 4 blocks from the state capital, after all.  The old Victorian-Gothic main building serves as the central point of the 40-acre campus.

We stopped at the Co-op for some Longhorn shopping, where they had this photo-op set up for shoppers.

Also just outside the co-op is this painted wall of Austin.

Inside the co-op is a Longhorn fan's heaven.  I did not buy these horns but Greg did buy the Texas flag with the Longhorn in the blue, seen here.

The boys also went to a baseball game,  UT-4, OU-3. David was originally wearing a maroon shirt, Greg made him change and fortunately, David packed a less offensive shirt.  :)

Greg and Nathan in front of the baseball stadium, don't miss the fact that there's alot of orange in this picture.

...stay tuned...