Thursday, May 5, 2011

The State Capital of Texas

While in Austin, we made it a priority to do a few  important things during our brief stay.  One of those was to visit the state capital.  Perhaps, your wondering why would we want to visit the state capital?

I remember moving to Arizona and making a fuss when I finally saw Arizona's state capital.  Arizona natives didn't understand what my fuss was about, so I'm taking this opportunity to illustrate.

Here I am standing in front of the Arizona State Capital:

Here is Greg and Nathan standing in front of the Texas State Capital:

In Texas - it's big.  It's also beautiful and very impressive but the real reason we went to the state capital was for Nathan.  We've been teaching him the states and after studying the map one day, he asked "What's the stars?".  We explained the star is the capital for each state, a very hard concept to explain.  I thought it might help if he physically saw the capital though I'm not sure if he really understands at four years of age.  That's the real reason we visited.  Without further ado some more pictures from the Texas State Capital.

Completed in 1888, it is recognized as one of the nation's most distinguished state capitals.  It also holds a position in the National Register of Historic Places and is also designated a National Historic Landmark for its "significant contribution to American history."

The dome section of the building is the most impressive, this is looking down at the floor from the fourth level.

This is looking up at the ceiling from ground level.

Greg, on the fourth floor, took this picture of Nathan and me on the 3rd floor, just across the opening.  Though it's hard to see us, Nathan and I are in the smack center of this picture.

There are painted portraits hanging everywhere of former officers of the state, Nathan is looking at Davy Crockett, who fought in the Texas Revolution and died at the Alamo.

 The front lawn and grounds of the capital are meticulously maintained and quite beautiful.  Here is Greg and Nathan as we leave.

More of Austin ahead....