Monday, May 9, 2011

Austin Steam Train

We scheduled a train ride while we were in Austin as a fun activity for Nathan that grandparents and parents alike could also enjoy.  Our train was a vintage diesel, Austin & Texas Central No. 442, RSD-15 built in 1960.  The only remaining diesel of its type still in operation. 

To say that Nathan was excited about this, would pretty much be an understatement.  I kept thinking he had to go potty but he was just so excited, he litterally could not sit still.  Here is Grandma and Nathan with their train tickets.

We boarded the 2:00pm Buckeye Lake car.

Our car was typical in the 1940s and '50s and originally built for the Nickel Plate and Lackawanna railroads.  The seats could turn and face either direction or recline, the seats were quite comfortable and spacious.  Nathan's smile in the picture below represents his level of enthusiasm at this point.

There were probably 10 cars connected to the engine and we were able to walk from car to car.  The connection between cars created a small space to walk between which was somewhat open to the elements before reaching the next car door.

There was also a concession car with drinks, snacks and souvenirs which was fun.

Nathan was alert and watching out the windows during most of our train ride.

Our train route from Cedar Park to Bertram was about 33 miles one way with a brief layover at the Bertram depot.  The depot was originally built in 1912 and fully restored to museum quality in 1998.  I could have sat in this little depot for hours just imagining how things operated so long ago. 

Just enough time before boarding for a quick family picture.  Fun was had by all...but by Nathan the most!