Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Texas Hill Country Wedding

Greg's cousin, Alyssa just got married in Austin, Texas.  It was a beautiful Texas Hill Country wedding.  Most of Greg's family traveled to Austin for the wedding, so naturally it was a good old time!

Here is Alyssa and Uncle Jimmy walking down the aisle.  Alyssa was a stunning bride!

Our quick picture with the bride after the ceremony.

Allyssa, after the ceremony with Grandaddy and Nana, who is 83 years old.  Grandad drove them all the way from Dallas to Austin so he could officiate the wedding.  If I'm not mistaken, he has now married all the grandkids (us included) with the exception of one cousin (Alyssa's brother) who has not yet married.

I actually remembered to get a family picture this time - not so hard with this side of the family, where EVERYONE has a camera  - we look like the paparazzi!

Cute little picture of Nathan with his sucker.

Greg and his beloved Nana, who makes Greg's favorite sweet tea, no one else can match it (though Aunt Belva's comes really close).

LOVE this picture Greg took of me and Nathan. The wedding was at a vineyard & winery - you can see the grapevines behind us.

The newlywed Barretts, a beautiful couple!

Pictures from the day after the wedding at the hotel - Alyssa is in the center of the picture below.  This gives you an idea of what it looks like when Greg's family moves in and takes over an area.

Shout out and blog love for the J's in the family - me and Jennifer...

...Nathan and Uncle Jimmy.

More of Austin to come....