Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hulls vs. Food

There was a time when Greg and I watched Man vs. Food on the Travel channel pretty regularly.  In one of those shows, two Texas restaurants were featured and Greg promised that we would visit those two places whenever the opportunity arose.  True to his promise, we did just that.

First - The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que.  What makes it unique? They sear the meat and then move it away from the hottest part of the fire to cook slowly.  They cook it over an open fire fed by live oak wood.  The open fire pit is literally inside the cooking area of the restaurant.  The restaurant front door is literally to the right of the pit where you see the Exit sign.  When you walk in, you walk right beside the 'kitchen' where the open fire pit is located.

The restaurant staff saw me taking a hundred pictures of the firepit and invited me into the cooking area to get a better shot.  Then they set me up for a picture. Here I am behind the firepit, holding a bbq sauce brush.  Don't miss all the brisket lined against the far edge - the pit was loaded with meat!

Unfortunately, I did not get a good picture of my combo plate of 3 meats: brisket, sausage, & turkey.  However, I can honestly say it was the best Texas BBQ meat I've ever had.  Adam Richmond did not steer us wrong.  Final Score: Hulls-1, The Salt Lick-0 because we ate everything on our plates and ordered dessert!

Second - Round Rock  Donuts.  What makes them unique?  The yeast-risen doughnut originates from a bread-like dough; its distinct yellow color (from fresh eggs) immediately sets it off from any other doughnut.
Unlike baking powder doughnuts, this yeast doughnut cannot be machine-made; it must be hand-rolled, cut, fried and iced.  Round Rock Donuts also uses their own orange glaze recipe which also sets this donut apart from others.

Yep, by the time I took the picture, we had already scarfed down 2 from the half dozen we ordered!  The real fun though is one particular item listed on the menu; the Texas Sized donut for $5.99.

The first time we went to Round Rock Donuts, we went through the drive-thru and  I asked to see a Texas Size Donut.  It's a 2 lb. donut.  Of course, I took a picture.

We came back the next day and I then took a picture of the Texas Sized Donut next to the regular donuts for perspective.

Greg's favorite donuts have always been Krispy Kreme's until now.  He says the Round Rock glazed donut far surpasses.  I have to agree, for different reasons though.  I'm not a glazed donut person, the 'cake' donuts are more up my ally and Round Rock Donuts had an Applesauce Cake donut that was out of this world.  So the final score: Hulls-1, Round Rock Donuts-0 because we ate every crumb without wasting a bite!

...one more on its way...